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one. Product Description
1. This product is a subscription member account of Netflix Naifei's official gift card. This account uses a shared parking space and does not affect normal use. Do not take pictures if you mind.

2. After purchase, you will get the account number, password and location. Please take your seat according to the location.

3. Support global use, Hong Kong and other regions can be used normally.

4. Due to the particularity of the member account, refund is not supported for any reason after the sale. If you cannot log in for other reasons such as password errors, please contact customer service to ensure that any problems can be solved. Please do not modify any other settings such as PIN after login. Violators will be disqualified. Thank you for your understanding and support. I wish you a happy movie!

5. Now the shared account can no longer be used on TV, only exclusive can be used

two. Instructions for use

what is an account number and what is a parking space.

Netflix's premium account, while supporting five separate sub-accounts that do not interfere with each other, Netflix introduced this feature, which leases the five sub-accounts to different people to share the subscription costs of the account. Then the owner of the account is called "owner" and the five sub-accounts are called "five parking spaces"

1. Please subscribe to the corresponding [parking space] for use. The parking space serial number will be issued when shipping. Seat according to the parking space number as shown in the figure below. Remember not to disorderly seat the pit.


2. The video needs to open its own ladder. The agent will show the source of the film in which region it belongs to. The agent's own platform is not provided.


3. If there is a risk in the network route, Netflix will be forbidden to enter and prompt pwd error. Please change the route.

4. Please close the Netflix before switching. It is suggested that if the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan do not work, please switch between these places, each once.

5. If neither can be resolved, it means your ladder does not support streaming unlock.

6. If you have login problems or other problems, you can contact the platform customer service to solve them.

three. Precautions

1. After payment, you can view the purchased account information on the completed page, or you can click on the order center in the upper right corner to view the withdrawal and 24-hour automatic delivery.

2. No refund for any reason is supported after shipment.

3. In case of unable to log in normally:

the APP side can operate to reinstall or update Naifei's APP,wifi data exchange network, please restart the device and reopen the login,

try clearing the cache on the browser side, visit this link: netflix.com/clearcookies

some friends can log in using the micro pn network, or try to update the network subscription of the micro pn in the wall and change ip in different regions. Please restart the device and reopen the login.

(At present, the login system is very friendly to native IP, switching native IP nodes in more popular regions, such as the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Europe)

now log in to the system service, there are many restrictions, and it is not doing well,

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