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iTunes Gift Card 2 USD US
iTunes Gift Card
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one. Commodity introduction

1. This product is an Apple iTunes prepaid card in the United States. If you are a national account, please do not place an order. If there is no US regional account, you can choose to place an order in the [with account number] type.

2. Formal hoarding, 24 hours a day automatic delivery, the above face value can be photographed are available, direct orders can be placed.

3. The top-up card is money. Please take good care of the top-up card in your hand and do not trust anyone who has contact with you except the platform staff.

4. When redeeming a prepaid card, a certain tax will be automatically deducted from the card balance. In case of insufficient balance, it is not within the platform's after-sales policy.

two. Instructions for use

1. Open the App Store software and click on the avatar in the upper right corner.

2. Click "Redeem Top-up Card or Code", enter the 16-digit redemption code, and click Redeem.

three. Precautions

1. After payment, you can view the purchased account information on the completed page, or you can click on the order center in the upper right corner to view the withdrawal and 24-hour automatic delivery.

2. Do not shoot in the national area and do not change the account number at will.

3. No refund for any reason is supported after shipment.

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